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Battacor Build 2018 (Guide) — Sentient Power Harvested (Warfame Gameplay)

Battacor Build 2018 (Guide) — Sentient Power Harvested (Warfame Gameplay)

Battacor Build 2018 (Guide) — Sentient Power Harvested (Warfame Gameplay)

With Fortuna we get access to a batch of new weapons, among them The Battacor, a mastery rank ten primary weapon with a unique automatic burst trigger.
The weapon features very high critical chance for both auto-burst and charge-shot fire modes and high base critical multipliers. The status chance is decent for primary mode at eighteen percent but very low for charge shot at eight percent. The charge shot deals a truck worth of damage and all of it being pure radiation, while the primary fire has its damage split between magnetic and puncture damage.

The Battacor performed very well with both an elemental build and a critical slash build based on Hunter Munitions but overall I feel the slash build works a bit better.
While the secondary fire mode looks like a beam weapon it functions like any other projectile or hit-scan weapon so we can get multiple projectiles fired through the use of multishot but negative accuracy effects such as Heavy Caliber have a rather large impact on the usability of the weapon.
The biggest impact outside of critical chance / damage was fire rate with Vile Acceleration or Speed Trigger, which will allow us to get faster kills and thus more charge shots.

The two major negatives would be the low base fire rate and it being a projectile based weapon which can make it a bit more difficult to land precise shots but the projectile travel speed is not bad at all.

Overall the Battacor is a welcomed addition to the weapon roster sporting a new trigger, interesting charge mechanic and a truck worth of damage. Highly Recommend.

Warframe is a free-to-play cooperative third-person shooter video game developed by Digital Extremes for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One

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